my coliseum story

Elvis Presley

June 22, 1973

Elvis Presley rocked the Coliseum in 1973 and 1975. He was scheduled to have another concert in August 1977, but passed away less than one week prior to the third show.

AC/DC: Who Made Who Tour

September 20, 1986

AC/DC finished their "Who Made Who Tour" in Uniondale, 1986. Angus Young pictured above.

Billy Joel

August 4, 2015

Billy Joel performed the final show at Nassau Coliseum. Paul Simon performed as well, as a surprise guest.

Led Zeppelin North America Tour

February 4, 1975

Led Zeppelin put on an electric performance at Nassau Coliseum. This show was added to the tour by popular demand.

The Battle of the Gladiators: George Forman vs. Joe Frazier

June 15, 1976

George Foreman defeated Joe Frazier in front of a crowd of 10,000.

Jay Z

March 27, 2008

Jay Z, a New York native, blew away Long Islanders in the spring of 2008.


January 29, 2009

Metallica has been a mainstay at the Coliseum since their first show in 1986.


Tell us your favorite memories from the past 45 years of this historic venue.


your stories

My favorite Coliseum moment is when I attended my first Monster Jam event back in 2003 or 2004. After that I've been going to see monster trucks until the last show in 2015. I'll be excited to attend this years show.

- Shawn

Every Prince concert that I ever saw from his historic Purple Rain tour to Lovesexy live to Musicology 2004ever. Long live Prince and the Coliseum!!

- Stephen

Ive had a lot of great moments at the coliseum. Ive met so many new people, some who I am glad to call life long friends. One of my favorite memories of the coliseum was the Islanders playing the Penguins in a regular season game in the 2014-15 season where the winner would take first place in the metro division. It was one of the best hockey games ive ever been to. The Islanders eventually won the game 3-2. I still get chills thinking about how that building would erupt for every goal, hit or great play made.

- Tyler

In the fall of 1981 I went to the coliseum to get a wristband for ticket sales to am upcoming Barry Manilow concert. While standing on line to buy the tickets I started to talk to some people also standing with me. I mentioned where I was working while a student at Hofstra. The next night at work one of those online buddies showed up. 18 months later we were married. 33 years and a set of twins later we are still happily married. We go to every Barry Manilow concert in the NY area, but the concerts at the coliseum are the most special to us.

- Sharyl

My favorite memory was Game 3, of the Islanders-Penguins playoff series. I was just about 13 years old at the time. With the Islanders making the playoffs for the first time since 2006 that year, I was ecstatic, as I was too young in 2006. It was a bright, spring afternoon. Fans were tailgating, there was sledgehammer contest on the concourse. It was Disney World for Islanders fans. The chants inside were boisterous. It was 30 minutes before the game and the "barn" was rocking. Then it happened, lights dimmed, the Islanders came out. 2 quick goals from Okposo and Cizikas are imprinted in my memory. While celebrating, everyone around me became family. I felt like I had a bond with every person in that moment, no matter who they were.

- Steven

My favorite Coliseum movement when I was with my Dad to see my first islander game in the 2011-12 season to play against the Winnipeg Jets in they're final home game for the season. The islanders were winning 2-0 in the first period, then the 2nd period started when the jets tied up the game then the islanders scored making it 3-2 then the 3rd period started the jets scored two more goals making it 3-4 then late in the period the islanders came back and scored 2 more goals and won the game of a final score of 5-4 over the jets, then at the end of islanders game the players did a t shirt toss with Travis Harmonic tree one in my direction and caught it, and I used that shirt to get players signatures at the draft party at the end of the NHL season. I had a real fun time!

- Jared

My favorite Coliseum memory is really a bunch of memories, first of seeing the Nets play there, and being there for their last ABA championship, the last games of that old league. I was at all the playoff games in 1976 with friends, and just to see Julius Erving soar was worth the prices of admission. My latest favorite memories are the times I have spent with my son there. We go to all the WWE shows--not the newest one, unfortunately, because it is on the first night of Passover--and the bond that these events have helped to create between my son and my self can't really be put into words.

- Larry

Born in 1976 growing right down the block from the barn. I seen countless Concerts, Wrestling events, Circuses, Oh ya and Islanders games. Metallica to Travis Barker killing the drums above the stage (my parents even seen Elvis) Andre the Giant to the Rock. I still remember my first game with my dad vs the devils in the 80s to Shawn bates goal beating Toronto...But i must tell you my favorite time in the coliseum wasn't an event. It was in the close out of the Islanders Store. I was the last ever person to get a Medium Islanders home jersey. Growing up I always Dennis Eckersley fan # 43 Hence the reason I always wore an Islanders #43 with my name on the back. Who knew in hindsight it would be the Islanders would have their First tenure in the Barn #letsbringourboysback #letsgoislander #rockthebarn #MyNassauVeteransMemorialColiseumStories

- George

One Sunday morning, in 1987, I was reading the newspaper, and came across an ad for Frank Sinatra, at the Nassau Coliseum. The tickets had already been on sale, so I took a chance, and called the number. Right away, someone picked up. I ordered 3 tickets, for myself, my husband, and my dad, for his birthday. Frank Sinatra was my dad's idol. He had tried to see him once in Vegas, and the show was cancelled, because Sinatra's mom died. Another time, my dad had a death in his family, and couldn't go. I did not tell him who we were going to see. He did not realize, until we walked into the Coliseum. He was so excited. He said one of his dreams had been fulfilled. Two weeks later, my dad passed away, at 57. I was so happy that he got to see him.

- Gina

It was December 28, 2007 and I was nine years old. I was about to go see Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers at Nassau Coliseum.
And I was out of my mind.
I made a poster that said "I ♥ the Jonas Brothers" in hopes of the trio seeing sign all the way from my nosebleed seats. That night at Nassau Coliseum was my first concert ever, and that night allowed me to fall in love with concerts. I was with my two good friends, and one of them to this day I still attend concerts with because of that night in late 2007. Nassau Coliseum was a place my friends and I got excited to go to because we knew that once we walked through the doors, we would be making memories that would last a lifetime. I am ecstatic for the day the Coliseum opens up its doors against because I will most definitely be in attendance and thinking about the night I went to my first concert ever right there in Uniondale.

- Olivia

My Favorite Coliseum moment was when I entered Nassau Coliseum for the very first time on Sunday, March 17, 1985, to see all 6 shows of Prince's Purple Rain Tour in March 1985. While the Tour was more like an event, the Coliseum was packed with the most colorful People I had ever seen at one time, from all walks of life. I felt closer to the stage after purchasing the least expensive tickets for each show, and vowed I'd come back to see Prince again, returning in October 1988, and His final Coliseum show in July 2004. The Outfit I am wearing in this pic, taken New Year's Eve 2015, includes one of the many T-Shirts I purchased at Nassau Coliseum.

- Christian

December 21st 1989- my first time there and my first time seeing Billy Joel in concert. It was like a religious experience. I sat in my seat for a half hour after the show was over just to take it all in. I've seen him about a dozen times since then but nothing beats that first time.

- Jack

The very first time I saw Van Halen was at the Coliseum! Can't wait for it to reopen so I can see Barry Manilow!

- Linda

My favorite moment is a few years ago, for my first anniversary with my now boyfriend, i got him tickets to an Isles Penguins game. It was my first hockey game ever, with him, and it was also the day I got my first college acceptance letter.

- Ashley

My favorite memory from the Nassau Coliseum was when the original Pink Floyd picked the Nassau Coliseum as the East Coast venue to play their most memorable concert The Wall. I was lucky enough to score tickets to that concert and a fabulous time was had by all.

- Larry

before & after photos

After an 18-month, $130 million renovation, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum presented by New York Community Bank is ready to welcome back Long Island. The reimagined state-of-the-art arena is modernized inside and out with a new facade and seating and refinished concourses. The New Coliseum seats 13,000 for hockey, 13,500 for basketball and 14,500 for concerts, with a 4,000-seat theater configuration for more intimate events.

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